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Is a More Expensive Lock Necessarily More Secure?

Most people tend to go by the saying “you get what you pay for”, and a lot of the time, that tends to be true. Sometimes though, that saying just doesn’t live up to itself. There were plenty of times for most people when they were expecting a lot out of something and it ended up paying back very little in return. With locks, this tends to be true more often than most of us would like. Be careful when you choose a locksmith company that charges high prices for locks!

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks have a lot of advantages, one major advantage being that it works regardless of whether or not the electricity is working. Most people would probably agree that is a huge plus. Compared to newer high-tech locks, deadlocks are relatively cheap. There are some disadvantages to deadlocks, such as possibly losing your key, but as long as you have a spare available, you are good to go.

Scan Locks

Scan locks as a whole tend to be more expensive. This is because not only do the parts used to make it cost more, but also you are buying the extra security that they tout. However, looks can be deceiving. Due to “bump keys” which are easily found on the online market for cheap, these locks can still be compromised by someone who is not even skilled at picking locks. The reality is that a majority of scan locks found at homes and businesses today are no more secure than a good quality deadlock, yet they cost a lot more.

The consensus is that it is ultimately up to you to decide which lock is best for your home or business. If you live in a safe area, the high cost for the small amount of extra security you get may not be worth it; and even if the area is not so safe, many expensive scan locks are easily broken into with an easily obtainable bump key, so be sure to do your research thoroughly when it comes to paying extra money for a scan lock.

So, the answer is no! A more expensive lock is not necessarily more secure.