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Tools That an Auto Locksmith Technician Should Use

Professional Auto Locksmiths use many different tools and techniques to get you in your vehicle, if you have locked yourself out. Newer vehicles have built in defenses that prevent you from using the old wire hanger trick to unlock your car door.

Many of the techniques a professional locksmith uses sound like items you have just around your house, but there are some very key differences that prevent damage to your car door.

Here is an overview of just a few of the tools and tricks an auto locksmith will use to get your car door unlocked.

The Slim Jim

This is one of the most common tools for opening locked cars doors. It is a long, thin strip of metal 2-4 cm wide. The Slim Jim is inserted between the weather stripping and passenger door window to grab and flip the lock rod to unlock the door.

The Slim Jim is similar to the makeshift wire hanger trick and is not recommended for cars manufactured after 1992 because of the built in defense systems against them. It can damage several different functions in your car door and should only be used by an experienced professional.

The Wedge Technique

This technique used several small solid plastic wedges and 3-4 feet of gauge wire that is straight with a 90-degree angle towards the end with a rubber-wrapped tip at the end.

The wire is inserted into the side of the car door and the plastic wedge is inserted in the gap on either the side or top of the door where it meets the car body. This creates a small opening for a larger wedge. This wedge is inserted and makes an opening for the wire to be stuck through. The wire then presses the unlock button inside the car door.